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sub registrar exam question paper

sub registrar exam question paper

You have been asked to install Aadhar Enrolment Client. You are in the process of installing Aadhaar Enrolment Client. At the end of every enrolment, a unique ‘_blank_’ is generated. Also, Get Exam Pattern & subject wise syllabus. Agriculture Service Group “B” (Development Branch) Agriculture Graduate One of the system prerequisites for installing the Aadhaar Enrolment Client is minimum ‘_blank_’ GB of RAM, One of the installation prerequisites for installing the Aadhaar Enrolment Client is ‘_blank_’. The Enrolment Agency, with help of Registrar’s Supervisor should verify the proof of identity documents produced by the individual before recording the name. Is it mandatory for Operator to give her/his own fingerprint after collecting data from every Resident? Therefore, You can also find Bank Exam Practice Papers & Question Papers of IBPS and SBI Old Question Papers in our website. Print. Here is the list of 500 question from which UIDAI will ask you in NSEIT exam (NSEIT is an independent body take UIDAI certification exam on behalf of UIDAI) If you want to work for Aadhaar Enrollment Center as an operator or Supervisor there is the same exam for both of all. Study and exercise All recruitment question bank with explanation for bcs, bank,IBA-MBA, ntrca,university admission,Govt job and any kind of competitive examination. Meera confirms Radha’s identity and address for Aadhaar number. The operator tries to draw Ramswaroop’s attention to check the details entered, without success. What steps should be taken to ensure correctness of data captured? What are the available options present in”Parent/Spouse/Guardian” field? Enrolment of residents will be computerized. How will the Registrar and Enrollment Agency reach remote areas where adeqaute facilities are not available? Introducer is supposed to sign the consent form and enroll for becoming an introducer. Code-124B of the year 2076 [2019] National Examination Board (NEB). in detail. Aspirants for Government Jobs should keep an open tab for all government Openings as the competition is very high. Effective crowd management at enrollment centre is about. Aadhaar will be used to prove citizenship. Ram interacts directly with the applicants when they come to the Enrolment Agency. The camera used for capturing the facial image consists of an auto-focus lens. Aadhaar will cover all residents of India. What is the functionality of the “Biometric Exception Capture” button on the Demographic data screen? Resident was upset and called the contact centre. Residents have to provide address & identity Verification Document at the Enrolment Centre. Download/View. There were 38+ questions directly from the UPPSC Prelims Mock Test. SUB REGISTRAR EXAM PAPER SOLUTION / ANSWER KEYS Posted on: 6/09/2013 06:40:00 PM By: R. I. Jadeja. What Contact (address) display format needs to selected for the Aadhaar client application in case of enrolment in urban areas? If the PDS is the Registrar for a particular state, then the pre-existing database available with the Registrar will be the Ration Card number and the associated details (like name, address, age etc.) The information related to a person, which can be obtained from official records like name, address, date of birth and so on, are referred to as ‘_blank_’ information. Instead of telling the enrollee that the capture was complete, he would just give wink expecting the person to understand. 2020. সাব-রেজিস্টার পদে নিয়োগ পরীক্ষার প্রশ্ন ও সমাধান ২০০৩। Sub-Registrar Job Exam Question and Solution 2003 under Land Registration Office. KMC Sub Assistant Engineer Sample Papers. Question Paper of Assistant Registrar(Main) Exam-2013. Question Paper List: Back Page 1/1 Next. As soon as CIDR verifies that it has got the correct and complete data from the Enrolment Agency, then it deletes all the data from ? The paper one will have only 50 questions and the second paper will have 100 questions related to the Acts given in the Syllabus. State True or False – Consecutive dots (.) You have to retrieve the pre-enrollment data. What does this mean? Which of the following documents may be used for verifying the identity of a person? We suggest all the applied candidates, to download the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission APO Syllabus 2019, and start the preparation as soon as possible by making a perfect plan of action. You are an Enrolment Operator taking facial image of the resident. If the Resident cannot read or is blind, the text data on the review screen is read out by the ‘_blank_’, _blank_’ provides demographic and biometric information to enroll them. Supervisor confirmation is required for any biometric exception. The contact center would be functioning 6 days a week. _blank_’  are appointed by the Registrar for enrolling residents. Ram successfully completes the enrolment procedure of Shyam. In case of a power failure and you are using a laptop for Enrolment, can the biometric devices function? Sub Registrar Exam Old Question Read Book Sub Registrar Exam Old Question Papers Sub Registrar Exam Old Question Papers Project Gutenberg is a charity endeavor, sustained through volunteers and fundraisers, that aims to collect and provide as many high-quality ebooks as possible. What would you do? Which physical features can be used to determine a person’s identity? This page is for candidates who are looking for Sub Registrar’s Syllabus, Exam Pattern and Material for Sub Registrar’s. MPPEB (VYAPAM)Sub Engineers 2013-2018 Civil,Mechanical,Electronics,Electrical & Others Question Papers With Answer key We are providing MPPEB V(YAPAM) Sub Engineers Recruitment Test 2013-18 official Civil,Mechanical,Electronics,Electrical & Others Question Papers With Answer key,Which exam held on various date. According to the question paper, the exam was of moderate level. UIDAI will be issuing what number to all the Indian residents? Resolution of a photo depends upon the number of : Non-biometric devices at an Enrolment centre are Computers, Printers and Storage Devices like CD, DVD, and Pen Drive.Is this statement True or False? Previous Year's Question Papers. The EA Operator will, One of the benefits of Financial Inclusion is. Operator should ensure that output of the facial image is: If the enrollee is wearing a turban, Enroller has to adjust the position to get the full coverage of his face. Sub Registrar Exam Answer Key 2013. Which of these is a critical factor in quality data capture during enrollment? In every Enrolment Centre, the number of certified Operators should be more than the number of Stations. Comp. Some of these biometric information are. Buddhiman brings his bank-passbook to the Enrolment Centre and provides it as proof to the EA Operator because, The EA Operator selects the option for creating a new bank account for the resident  in the Aadhaar Enrolment Client because. We have posted illuminated test paper of Gujarat sub-Registrar center test which was taken on 9/6/2013. Go to the Official Website 2. Biometric data will be captured through biometric devices using software other than Aadhaar Enrolment Client software. Enrollee should not have neutral expression during Facial Image capture. (function (window, document){ Which slip/document will Ram hand over to Shyam? this Examination applied every candidates can download Goa PSC Model Paper with Group wise syllabus 2021. If the Resident is less than 5 years old, details of parents/guardian will be required. GPSC,UPSC,TET,TAT,BANK EXAMS,STUDY MATERIALS,DOWNLOADS,ONLINE TEST,TIPS,PLANNER,Talati,ALL RESULT AT ONE PLACE,GUJARAT PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION (GPSC),UNION PUBLIC COMMISSION (UPSC), PANCHAYAT JUNIOR … A ‘_blank_’ of India is one who is presently staying in India. You have been asked to install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Setup. Rather than enjoying a good book with a cup of coffee in the afternoon, instead they are facing with some malicious bugs inside their desktop computer. UIDAI will issue Aadhaar numbers to all the Indian residents. Which agency will directly interact with residents and enroll them? During the Enrollment, ‘_blank_’ should be used for the purpose of capturing the facial image. During Iris scanning clear Spectacles and clear Contact Lenses rarely affect the quality of image capture. The document to be printed in an enrolment centre after enrollment are. As an Operator, would you capture Iris of a blind person? If the fingerprint is not getting captured automatically, what would you do as an Operator? What are possible benefits of having a unique identity? For retrieving the Pre-enrolment Data, Enrolment Operator needs to import the ‘_blank_’ file in the Enrolment Client Application. Written examination). window.feedify_options={fedify_url:""}; Candidates who are applying for the various Madhya Pradesh Govt Jobs can refer to this page for all kind of Vyapam preparation materials. Which of the following are NOT a part of the UIDAI eco-system? Has TNPSC released a model question paper based on the new syllabus? At the time of Iris capture, if automatic capture does not happen even after few attempts, what should the Enrolment operator do? For a child below 5 years, if the child’s father /mother / guardian has /have have not enrolled and / or do / does not possess an Aadhaar number, the enrolment of that child can be done. Latest Updates about UPPSC PCS Exam 2020 This should be handled as a ‘_blank_’, For the Contact centre, residents sending emails  is an inbound channel, For the Contact centre, sending replies to emails from residents, is an inbound channel, For the Contact centre, Residents posting queries/issues on Website portal is an inbound channel, For the Contact centre, sending response through Fax is an outbound channel, A person calls the Contact centre with regards to rude behaviour by the Enrolment Centre Supervisor, it is a, A person calls the Contact centre and says that the enrolment process took about 25 minutes at a particular Enrolment Centre, it is a, A person sends an email to the Contact centre asking about the date on which he will receive his Aadhaar number, it is a. Shanti has burnt her fingers during cooking, can she be considered as a biometric exception ? In situations where Residents are unable to provide proof of identity or proof of address, a previously designated ‘_blank_’ can introduce them for an Aadhaar number? Which of these is a critical skill to overcome communication barriers? What are the storage devices that could be used to transfer Enrolment data to CIDR? India Portal (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); UPES UG, Dehradun | Admissions Open for All Courses 2021, Aadhaar Card online registration for Appointment, 23 Fake Universities in India 2020 by UGC (Updated) – Official List Declared Now, World Heart Day 2020: Date, Themes, History, Quotes, UIDAI Aadhar Card 2020: Download, Status, Update, Correction By Aadhar/Enrolment on, 13+ List of UGC Approved Open Universities in India 2020 for Distance Learning, Dr CV Raman University (Proof) – Fake or Genuine in 2020 by UGC Check here. Munna is a 7 year old. After entering the name of the resident, how is the transliteration of data from English to the regional language started? While capturing the fingerprints of a Resident, it should be ensured that resident, The salient features of the Iris pattern  are. An Operator or Supervisor who is a good communicator does not do which of the following? You want to set up an enrolment centre. What is the significance of Green colour indicator next to the screen-names at the top bar of the screen? At remote locations there may be frequent failures in the supply of electricity at the Enrolment Centre. State True or False – The Extended Contact form may be used when information like street name, etc are available. These Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) Sample Papers will help all the applicants who are going to take the Assistant Prosecution Officer (APO) exam. _blank_’ shares the content for awareness and publicity with the Registrar. Based on make and model Iris Capturing devices can be Hand-held and Tripod mounted.Is this statement True or False? How can the Enrolment operator go back from “Fingerprints” screen to “Iris Scan” screen, if required? • General Studies Model Questions Analysis Part-6, By Dr K M Suresh, Chief Editor, Spardha Vijetha. Download/View. You are the Registrar and you need the content for awareness and publicity. 1 Delhi Police SI Previous Year Question Papers Answers PDF . To track the status,Contact centre will require the Resident’s, The hand of a person with a missing finger should be photographed with the palm facing the camera, In case of Queries or Grievances,Registrar can call the Contact centre, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil are languages supported by the contact centre, English language is not supported by the contact center. 2019 - Excise Sub Inspector Paper-2 question paper 2019 pdf. How will Aadhaar help her. After completion of data capture, the application generates Acknowledgement Slip and Consent-for-Enrolment Slip. At the end of an enollment, a consent slip is generated. How to become Police Sub-Inspector(PSI)in Karnataka|Preparation, Syllabus for PSI exam in Kannada. Prashant has no identity document. How to print Acknowledgement Slip and Consent-for-Enrolment Slip? What is the functionality of “PoI and PoA” field? ‘_blank_’ is appointed by the Registrar for collection of the demographic and biometric data in a geographical area. Indeed information for Sub Registrar Exam in Gujarat. ‘_blank_’ is used to ensure balanced illumination  during residents photgraph capture. Written exam consists of objective type questions; The exam consists of four papers; Each paper comprises 150 questions for 150 marks; The duration of each paper is 2 1/2 hours Series A: Question No. Tags. Government Jobs in Gujarat / Sarkari Naukari in Gujarat - The best website for Competitive exams. The TSPSC Group 2 selected candidates are also provided other benefits along with the base salary. What would you do? If the Enrolment Operator sees inaccuracies in the pre-enrolment data (like males have been recorded as females) it can be corrected. What is the significance of Red colour indicator next to the screen-names at the top bar of the screen? SSIGR - Sub Registrar Exam by Government of Gujarat, You can also get STUDY MATERIALS FOR SUB REGISTRAR EXAM at Sub Registrar Exam - - Where Knowledge is NOT Monopoly - OFFICIAL WEBSITE (Gujarat's first Free and No. Please note that this is only question bank. _blank_’ is an effort by the Government of India to provide a Unique Identification Number to the residents of India. The Biometric devices procured by the Enrolment Agency should be certified by agency of ‘_blank_’. Group 2 posts require interview and Group 2A posts do not require an interview. The IISC Assistant Registrar Previous Year Question Papers is available on this web page.Participants download the IISC Assistant Registrar Sample Papers through this article. The long queue of waiting people starts shouting at the operator to finish fast. var s = document.createElement('script'); A. Download/View. An advantage of laptop is that it consumes less energy than desktop computers,  gets power from a built-in battery and  can be used for some time even in the absence of external power source. Only biometric parameter is enough to establish unique identity of a person. While enrolling the child below 5 years, the operator will use whose enrolment number in the child’s form. The TNPSC Group 2 exam is a combined civil services exam for various posts. What minimum systems requirement would you check for? in Mumbai and Pune then it is ‘_blank_’. What should you ask the resident in order to check if the resident wants financial inclusion (banking otion) ? What arrangements are you required to make for setting up an enrolment centre? Sarita Shah has just finished her facial image capture and has come to the fingerprint scanner. document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(s); The appearance of a person’s fingerprint depends upon the following factors: Fingerprints of a person may change as a person grows old. The candidates can use this article to get more marks and idea about the examination. Find the complete topic wise syllabus details in our syllabus page. The Registrar has the right to add more sections to the Enrolment Form for capturing KYR+ fields. A memory stick is used to physically transfer the enrolment data from the Enrolment Center to the ‘_blank_’. this sub registrar exam old question papers, but end up in harmful downloads. If a Resident approaches the Enrolment Station and his/her name/details are not available in the Registrar’s pre-enrolment data, the Resident can still be enrolled for Aadhaar. 2017 - Excise Sub Inspector Question paper Eng Key answers Where there were 103 in zero terms versus 2 posts. So to know everything about it, read the post carefully. You are an Enrolment Operator. What would you ensure when the Enrollee is wearing glasses for Iris capture? UPPSC Prelims Question Paper 2020, Download pdf. Q. - the age limit for the post of Sub-Registrar, Grade-II is from 20 years to 30 years - And the age limit for the post of Junior Employment Officer (DA) is 18 to 40 years. Which menu option is used to get the pre-enrolment data into the Enrolment client application? Applicants can download Free Question Papers for the Last Years with Exam Pattern. When should the operator instruct and communicate with the enrollee? Candidates who have completed their Graduation and want job as Sub Registrar can apply through official website Ojas. A ‘_blank_’  camera is used to capture facial features in a digital format. Which device expands a single port into several ports so that more devices are connected to the computer? The Aadhaar Enrolment Client application will automatically transliterate the data from English to the official language of the state in the corresponding fields. Enrolment station must have extra monitor for residents to verify their data. Enrolment operator should take the image of the iris for the ‘_blank_’. What is the process of capturing resident data called? _blank_’ are commonly used in various types of identification cards and it is widely accepted as a biometric identifier. TSPSC Group 2 Salary 2020 - Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) is the examination conducting authority for the TSPSC Group 2 exam.TSPSC also determines the salary for the different posts under the TSPSC Group 2 recruitment process. What are the types of Contact Details in the Application? So Bookmark this page and read regularly. function addScript( script_url ){ At the Enrolment Centre, after all enrollments for the day are complete, the Resident’s data must be transferred to CIDR. An ‘Exception’ in the Aadhaar Enrolment process is related to, Biometric Exceptions are verified by the  Operator and then confirmed in the Aadhaar Enrolment Client, Biometric Exceptions are verified by the  Supervisor and then confirmed in the Aadhaar Enrolment Client, One must specify biometric exceptions by clicking on the Biometric Exception Capture Button, For a resident with an extra finger, the extra finger will be captured as a Biometric exception, Resident can enquire about the status of her / his enrolment withContact centre. GPSC 2021 Model Paper will be helpful for Goa Public Service Commission 2021 Exam applied candidates. These important topics have been listed after going through UPPSC Syllabus, Exam Pattern and Previous Years' Question Papers. Kerala PSC Armed Police Sub Inspector Exam Question Code 1542017. What is a backdrop in case of facial image capture? The Residents have to fill up the Enrolment Form with basic information known as Know Your Resident information. Sub Registrar Exam Old Question Papers Author: Subject: Sub Registrar Exam Old Question Papers Keywords: sub, registrar, exam, old, question, papers Created Date: 11/23/2020 8:46:13 PM Eye glasses of enrollees should be clear and transparent so that Iris is clearly visible. Title: Sub Registrar Exam Old Question Papers Author: Kuefer-2020-09-30-05-48-08 Subject: Sub Registrar Exam Old Question Papers Enrolment operator must ensure that the enrollee’s face is uniformly ‘_blank_’ before capturing the facial image. He wants to opt for Financial Inclusion. shovon on 37 BCS Preliminary Examination Question Paper – 2016; Md faruq on ৩২ তম বিসিএস মানসিক দক্ষতা; sadi on 35th BCS English Written Exam Question; AR RIPON on Dhaka University Admission Test (D Unit), 2015 – 2016; Prosno Bank Team on Sub-Registrar Preliminary Test – 2016 Whether capturing the “Relationship To Resident” data is compulsory or not? What is the significance of Grey colour next to the screen-names at the top bar of the screen? TNPSC Group 2 prelims exam is a qualifying exam. If Akash Sharma has been registered in the electoral role in two places, i.e. The Enrolment Centre is within an Enrolment Station. The question paper contains majority of the questions from the Current Affairs section. SI (KSISF) and Spacial RSI (KSRP) Question Papers with official key answers PDF Download 03.12.2017 Paper 1-2 You are the registrar. Required fields are marked *. Here we have listed below the MP Vyapam Sub Engineer question papers 2017, 2016 along with the solutions. This GPSC Model Paper PDF file consist of multiple choice questions.

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