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fire emblem katarina

fire emblem katarina

Katarina is an overall well balanced mage, with a healthy offensive spread for a mage and most importantly a strong Res stat. Marth, Caeda, Hardin, Katarina, Clarisse and Legion celebrating 2019 by Daisuke Izuka. Reese had found her and quickly brought her to the hideout, much to Clarisse's shock. Fire Emblem: Three Houses succeeds in its ambitious telling of a land at war helmed by captivating leaders, in which no side has all the answers. She also has the Shadowgift skill, allowing her to utilize Dark magic like Aversa's Night and Nosferatu even when not in the Dark Mage/Sorcerer classes. She was then ordered to kill the Altean army and her former friends, the only remaining people that Reese cared about, much to Katarina's despair. [view], Xenologue 4: Lost Bloodlines 1 (Awakening), Grandmaster (DLC)/Sage (SpotPass) (Awakening). Katarina would continue to tirelessly serve as a Knight of Altea for Marth to continue to atone for her past sins. Eventually, she was found and taken in by Eremiya, who raised her to be an assassin. Due to this, she is almost always worth fielding, as she can either provide some decent magic chip with tomes like Elfire or even Aura without any investment, or she can spam staves to help move your allies across the map quickly, or help keep them alive. The name originated from the Greek Αἰκατερίνα or Αἰκατερίνη (Aikaterina, Aikaterinē), which is of unknown etymology. They might or might not have told Katarina this depending on the player's choices, though the matter is waved off in the end. And wasn't Katarina in New Mystery more associated with fire?--she packed fire as a boss, comes with Meteor (a fire tome) in non-story-linked bonus chapters, and her personal tome is fire, yet they tend to push a thunder connection in Awakening with Katarina's Bolt. Female Katerina (エカテリーナ Ekaterīna, Ekaterina in the Japanese version) is a character mentioned in Fire Emblem Fates. Iceberg has a slightly faster cooldown than Glacies and better suited for her since she doubles a fair amount of units. Katarina fue rescatada por Eremiya del mercado de esclavos de Norda, y criada como con otros niños similares o huérfanos por la guerra para que fueran asesinos, viviendo en un orfanato como fachada. Though a professional raised from childhood to kill, she seems to undermine her own plans and courses of actions, presumably out of her lack of confidence in herself and little to no self esteem, often displaying nervousness, all while coming to care for her targets. Reese feels that she is beyond salvation as her sins were too heavy, but Kris promises to help her atone. Katarina has a plethora of options and can run a focused offensive set like her original preferred build or take a more flexible and versatile build thanks to her new Tome. She was partnered with her friend Clarisse and Legion when going on missions. Fire Emblem 12: New Mystery of the Emblem - Final Chapter and Ending - … Katerina and Ekaterina are variants of the name Catherine. Eremiya is aware of the infiltration and sends her assassins to dispose of them. Marth tells her to live on and figure out her own method of atonement as her punishment. Soleil (Fire Emblem) Katarina (Fire Emblem) Original Female Character(s) Guro; Snuff; Hanging; Asphyxiation; Strangulation; Consensual Snuff; Summary. Not much of Katarina's past is known, only that she was an orphan from the town of Knorda, where she was treated like an animal, beaten just for fun, and that her real name is Reese. With the revival and eventual slaying of Medeus, peace is restored to the world. Names and Aliases Lucina 2 comparisons. Her high res compliments Glacies for her Special, dealing significant damage if it procs. Despite Reese insisting that they should pull back, Clarisse mocks her for being afraid and insists that she will take care of the Altean army. The next day, Katarina notes how long its been since they met and spoke in nostalgia as she vowed to never forget the memories they shared, something that Kris noted to be odd. Cuphead by TheMexicanRunner in 48:42 - AGDQ2019 - Duration: … Kelsper 2,839 views. Common red threats like Ayra, Mia, Elincia, and Sigurd easily take care of her while just about every blue physical unit out in the meta achieves similar results. Fire Emblem Fates Katarina and Palla from the DLC are the best Rally Bots possible because they're females but also start with Rally Strength, which is normally male-exclusive (outside of inheritance); more over, its the ONLY male exclusive rally, so they can get any combination of rallies you desire. Later on, as they prepared for their next test, Luke was contemplating a hair change to attract girls as no girls wished to date him, though Katarina remarked the other girls saw Luke as small-fry, and that their other comrades were preferred, with Ryan being a "cutie", Roderick being "Ohmigosh, so cool! Despite Marth and Kris declaring that they wished not to fight, Reese was set on her task. Reese insists that they were all lies and that she did not care for any of them. She encountered a fresh recruit when beginning her mission, Kris. Katarina is saddened that she has to face her, but her resolve to help Kris gives her the strength to stand her ground. Eavesdropping on the conversation, Katarina volunteers to show them a secret passage that leads them directly to Eremiya. Leading them down a dark secret passage, she tells Kris and Marth how she was raised in the darkness to be Eremiya's puppet like the others. Katarina: Wayward One/Quotes - Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki. Katerina (エカテリーナ Ekaterīna, Ekaterina in the Japanese version) is a character mentioned in Fire Emblem Fates. After Hardin's defeat, Marth and Kris received word on Eremiya's whereabouts. Katarina as a Grandmaster in the One Hundred Songs of Heroes Karuta set. Jump to: navigation, search. Starting Class If chosen, Katarina will need to spend time in many classes to find her maximum potential. Biological Information Upon completing their mission, Reese and Clarisse saw a painting that seemed to be familiar to Clarisse, and thus she told Reese to go on ahead. When Clarisse questioned this, Reese simply said that Clarisse was her little sister, even though they were both orphans. I came because I wish to serve Prince Marth. —In game description Katarina 's Bolt (カタリナの雷糸, Katarina no Raibeki, Katarina's Thunder Thread in the Japanese version) is a Magic tome introduced in Fire Emblem Awakening. Not much of Katarina's past is known, only that she was an orphan from the town of Knorda, where she was treated like an animal, beaten just for fun, and that her real name is Reese. Its … As their next training began, it was noted by Jagen that it had been 3 months since their training began and only 20 recruits have made it through, shocking Katarina. The German title means "a little serenade", though it is often rendered more literally as "a little night music". It is characterized as a tome which belonged to Reese, a major character in New Mystery of the Emblem who eventually took up the much more well known name of Katarina. She also points out that Luke needed to work on his attitude more than anything, before noting that Jagen wanted them all to gather for their next training. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In tandem with her own base kit's Attack Ploy, which reduces the Atk of an enemy by 5 when they meet the same requirements as above, and also a Defense Ploy Seal, reducing the enemy Def -5 for the same conditions, Katarina can employ all four Ploy skills at the same time, thus is the first and only omni-ploy unit the game. Along with Kleine, it's a reference to "Eine kleine Nachtmusik", a 1787 composition for a chamber ensemble by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Fire Emblem Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. General: Quotes: Misc: Summoning [edit | edit source] Please, call me Katarina. As Reese saved the children, she encountered a girl that thanked her, who said that her name was Katarina, a name that Reese said was hers as well. This makes her one of the best debuffing units in the game. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Reese Her new weapon allows Katarina to become a powerful Ploy unit, especially since she can naturally apply all four types of ploy if she runs Reese's Tome with its effect, her innate Attack Ploy, and equips a Defense Ploy seal. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Biography 4 Trivia 5 External link 6 Navigation Celica is a young woman around 17 with long red hair with a white and gold headband and red eyes. Before their training began, Katarina spoke with Kris and mentioned using some special connections of hers to acquire stronger weapons and also getting Cecil, a recruit from the 9th Platoon that had her comrades desert her, to join them. Eventually, she was found and taken in by Eremiya, who raised her t… She is voiced by Erica Lindbeck in the remake. She also appears as a SpotPass Einherjar, and as a DLC einherjar in Fire Emblem Awakening. Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken | Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword (1) Fire Emblem Echoes: Mou Hitori no Eiyuu Ou | Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (1) Include Characters Katarina (Fire Emblem) (2) My Unit | Kris (2) Marth (Fire Emblem) (1) Other Character Tags to Be Added (1) Luke (Fire Emblem) (1) Ryan (Fire Emblem) (1) Jeigan | Jagen (1) Katrina (カティナ Katina) is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. Human Draw Back is a great repositioning skill commonly used on many mage units. Truly, instead of showing bloodlust like Legion, or arrogance like Clarisse and Eremiya, she seems to instead possess a desire to help others, as when they were tasked to wipe out the remnants of the Soothsires, she did it because it would save the captives and not cause anymore harm to befall the innocent rather than duty. Fire Emblem Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Game Data The name subsequently came to be associated with the Greek adjective καθαρός (katharos), meaning "pure". Katarina's Bolt is the second weapon to be named after Katarina, after Reese's Tome in New Mystery of the Emblem. We're here for the same reason, then. Names and Aliases Together with Clarisse's Japanese name クライネ (Kleine), reference Mozart's serenade Eine kleine Nachtmusik. Amused that Katarina has found free will, Eremiya engages her with the intention of completely breaking her once more into the puppet she was supposed to be. Female After a day of working as the Askran hangswoman, Soleil runs into an unknown girl, and falls head over heels for her. In the early Christian era it became associated with Greek katharos "pure", and the Latin spelling was changed from Katerina to Katharina to reflect this. She was previously the queen of Nohr. Human Horrified at what they were hearing, Katarina soon tells them that her name was not Katarina, but Reese, and she was sent to assassinate Marth. Game Data As she attacked Kris, she fondly recalled her time in the recruit training, remembering saving the villagers and being with Kris. Like her father, she is a swordmaster, but claims that she is not close to his skill level. I was looking through the previews of Battle Queen Katarina’s skin spotlight and I noticed a few similarities between the skin and Fire Emblem. In Fire Emblem Heroes, it functions as a stronger version of the Rauðrowl+ tome. However, she would later receive her personal tome which gave her a new task. Fire Emblem Heroes First Anniversary artwork drawn by kaya8. Katarina, real name Reese, is one of the exclusive characters in Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. Claiming that she cannot fight and merely desired to be a tactician, Katarina had Kris partner with her so they could get through their training. Unlike her fellow assassins, Katarina seems to be a kind and caring person, even when she was serving as an assassin for Eremiya, since her very reason to keep serving Eremiya is not simply due to obedience, but out of gratitude for saving her from her life as an orphan. She spoke of how she served as Kris's tactician, but hardly acted as one, not giving the advice a tactician should give, and even without her, Kris and their comrades were strong. There's no going back for me. Reese would not resurface for some time until after the War of Heroes began, where Katarina and Clarisse are tasked with hunting down and killing all of Marth's former comrades from the War of Shadows, the first target being a cornered Wrys. Katarina When they were on march duty and got lost, they tried to find their way back to the castle. アイネ, Eine Glimmer is the standard Bladetome special. Starting Class Katarina also recommended to Luke and Roderick to have Kris serve as their commander for the 7th Platoon, even hastily accepting Luke's challenge against Kris in their place. Any sort of Blue unit with Res bulk can easily wall her like Fallen Hardin, Nowi, Female Corrin, Micaiah, and Female Morgan. This can turn into strongly hinted romantic feelings towards the male Kris by the end of their Support Conversation where she practices confessing her feelings when he is just out of earshot of her. However, Katarina pointed them towards a village that was under attack by bandits. First Joined not even the people in m/f ships; Summary They worked together, along with the mage Merric that had arrived soon enough, and killed all the bandits, though Kris noted to themselves that one of the bandits, a masked person, was not among them. Voice Actors She was previously the queen of Nohr. While Luke wishes to go help and Roderick assures that there are plenty of guards inside the castle, Katarina finally removes her cover and says that all the guards had been drugged, and while there was no danger to their lives, the drugs would prevent the guards from moving for a few days. Nationality Katerina died some time before the start of Fates when the Nohrian children were extremely young. It is a gender neutral given name which means ardent or fiery. Heartbroken at losing her beloved sister, Reese is mocked by Eremiya, who said that Reese was never wanted in the world, and her life was trash, meant only to be used for Eremiya's sake. This is a ranking page for the hero Katarina - Wayward One from the game Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Add a photo to this gallery With him, she had a son named Xander, who is the eldest of the Nohrian royal siblings. Kris points out that she was crying, showing that her heart desired to fight with Kris and Marth, despite her words and actions. Prior to her new weapon, Katarina was commonly run with Rauðrblade+. Horrified and unable to help her little sister as Clarisse accepts her death, Reese was asked by the dying Clarisse to stay by her side, and finally called her sister with her dying breath. Finally taking Speed Ploy helps to secure double attacks on as many units as possible. It was her Avatar, Hylia, who suffered the clingy affection of Katarina throughout the various prologues, and thus inspired this fanfiction. ", and some even lusting after Kris (regardless of gender). N/A Name (JP) Katarina left, but came back quickly and gave Kris a headband from Cecil, who wanted Kris to try it as it would make them be more "psyched". Because of that, it is recommended that Katarina goes through the Tactician class and gains the Veteran ability to accelerate the process. Katarina spoke a bit about her past and noted that Kris and her were alike in that they were doing what they did for the sake of another, and noted that it would not be long now, before deciding that they should sleep. Katerina - After the War of Shadows, Reese and her companions were assigned to wipe out the remnants of the Soothsires and save the townspeople that were captured. She cared for Garon's other children that he had had with concubines, with the exception of Elise, who wasn't born until after her death. Register. that contradict canon. She is the daughter of King Temzin of Arial and and the wife of Samson. Read on to learn the best IVs (Individual Values), best builds (Inherit Skill), weapon refinement, stats at Lv 40, and more for Katarina. Kris reminds her of their days in training, where she stated that the 7th Platoon was an unstoppable team. After her death, King Garon remarried to Arete, Azura's mother. It is a modified version of the Elfire tome with superior might, hit, and crit. I'm talking nonsense. Katarina develops a particularly close bond with Kris. Mage (later joins as Sage) (New Mystery of the Emblem)Grandmaster (DLC)/Sage (SpotPass) (Awakening) While Jagen goes to investigate and neutralize the threat, the newly appointed knights remain behind. Japanese Katarina is the only unit in the Fire Emblem series (so far) that has two weapons named after her: According to a developer interview, Katarina was originally going to disguise herself as a boy. Game When Wrys is saved and Clarisse's mission a failure, Reese reminded her that she had given Clarisse a fair warning about the Altean army being strong, which annoyed Clarisse and made her question if Reese was on the Altean's side and thinking of betraying Eremiya, though Reese refutes this, and knows that for Eremiya's sake, she must defeat Kris. I'd like be a Royal Guard, if you're in with me.. Affiliations nobody is straight. To do this, Reese had to pose undercover as Katarina and join the Altean Knights, so that she could drug all the guards inside the castle, while simultaneously act as a guide for her accomplices. Due to Katerina's popularity in Nohr, Arete and Azura were not generally accepted as members of the royal family, and Xander, Camilla, and Leo were instructed not to associate with their stepsister.

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